Here are some reminders:

What is Advent

We talk about the 1st Advent of Christ the Messiah who came over 2000 years ago. We talk about the 2nd Advent of Christ which we are waiting for. During our services each week we will be lighting the advent wreath. Each candle represents a progression to Jesus' birth. This year each service will represent either Hope, Peace, Joy, or Love. Then on Christmas Eve we will light the Christ candle showing that Jesus came to bring ultimate Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Come each week and celebrate and remember the coming of Jesus.

Kid's Musical


Sunday Dec 3rd 6PM Come see Luke Skywatcher- Only One Kenobi- and Yoma as they follow the Star to find the New King-King Jesus!

Sequoia Heights Newsletter

Dear Church Family

Christmas and 2018 are quickly approaching. I just got used to writing 2017. I hope your Christmas celebration plans are coming along very nicely. Please don't forget to include the Reason for the Season-Jesus in your plans. I have a statement I am planning to say at the Christmas eve service. "Christmas has become more important than the birth of Jesus." Let's change that in our households this Christmas. Find a way to honor the Lord as you open your gifts by reading the Christmas Story or have everyone share something that Jesus has done this year that you are thankful for. Maybe, as a family, come up with a Christmas gift to Jesus. Plan to give your time or money to helping someone in need or plan to help children in another country in the name of Jesus. Make this year special by remembering what Christmas is about.

As you can see there are opportunities to invite people to join you in celebrating Jesus' birth in the various church events this month. 1. The Kid's musical "Star Trip". This "Star Wars" type of musical shows Luke Skywatcher, Only One Kenobi, and Yoma, as they follow the star of the Messiah. 2. Our 21st annual Living Nativity Friday and Sat night Dec 8-9. This has been a tradition for many people in our community as well as many new people each year. Invite someone to come and see you in a scene. You will have an opportunity to talk to them about what they saw. 3. Christmas Eve is on a Sunday. We will have a great morning service with many of our favorite carols and the choir is singing 3 Christmas songs. It will be a joyous time celebrating Jesus' birth. At 11:15 PM we will have our Christmas Eve Candlelight service welcoming in Christmas Day and the celebration of our Savior's birth. All of these events promise opportunities for you to share with friends and family the greatest love story ever told. Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

One activity is our annual Living Nativity, Dec 8-9. Sign up this month and invite them to come and see you in a scene and then talk to them about it! Another is our Christmas Eve 11:15PM service. Who knows it may be just the thing they are looking to bring some meaning to their Christmas. We have a very good church. People need the love and support we give to help people live a God-honoring life. Please be part. Say, "Yes, Lord!"

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark

See you Sunday

Pastor Mark


Well the concrete is almost finished!! Thanks Steve for all the help with this project! We will have one more concrete work day so if your 7th-12th grade student has not participated in the fundraiser yet and is planning to attend World Changers, June 24-30th they will need to be here for the last one if they (you) don't want to pay full price for the trip. Our plan is to go to Gallup New Mexico for this years trip.

State Youth Conference is coming up on December 28-30th and will be in Sacramento. The cost for this years trip is $190 if you turn in your $25 deposit by December 10th. It goes up after that. For more information go to

On Sunday, December 24th and Sunday, December 31st we will NOT be having morning Bible Study and there will NOT be childcare or children's church during the morning worship service. If you have young kids and you are worried about the noise...don't worry about it, kids make noise and God loves kids!

As busy as this time of the year can be, make sure to take time to remember what God has done for us in sending His Son Jesus!

Pastor Dan