Here are some reminders:

Family Fun Night

Sunday, October 29th at 5pm. Bring your favorite finger food to share. There will be games, activities and fun for everyone.

New Church Photo Directory

We are in the process of making a new church directory. It should be available soon.

Women's Ministries

New Bible Study!

"REBUILD" A Study of Nehemiah Begins this week, Wednesday, August 30th 6:15pm

Men's Fellowship

Friday October 27th at 7pm Join us for a time of fellowship, praise & testimony! for more information contact Dave Christian: @ 599-909-1036

Sequoia Heights Newsletter

Dear Church Family

Sunday was such a great day in worship and in our Annual business meeting. The singing, your response to God, the Lord's Supper made the day special. Then joining together over homemade chili and a business meeting was a delight. It was encouraging to hear Carmen's update on our Sequoia Christian Preschool and Andy's testimony of how God used Love, INC in his life. It was an added bonus to welcome Loren Rhodes to our church family. God is good! Thank you for your support of what God is leading us to do at Sequoia.

The first three weeks of October I will be talking on some of the virtues of the Christian life. I talked last week on courage when faced with fearful situations and not lose sight of who our God is in the center of this fear. This week I will talk about the virtue of humility. In our world we are constantly bombarded with a false sense of pride. As a Christ follower our example is Jesus and His words of "The Son can do nothing on His own, but only what He sees the Father doing." John 5:19 What a great example for us. I would like you to pray about this important area of the Christians life: humility. It is the key to a growing relationship with Christ.

Those reading the Bible through this year are on the last 3 months. Keep going! You are getting an overview of the Bible that is valuable to your understanding of God's love story for this world. See you Sunday,

See you Sunday

Pastor Mark