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Operation Christmas Child

The preschool and children's ministries have teamed up again to pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! Last year we were able to send off 62 completed boxes for all age groups which ended up in the hands of children in the Philippines and Croatia. After learning that the older age group (10-14 years old) often receives the fewest donations, we have decided to set a new goal this year. We hope to assemble 60 boxes for the 10-14 year old age group, 30 boxes for boys, 30 boxes for girls. There are specific items we are collecting for the 60 boxes. If you feel led to donate, please see the current donations request page for the most current count of items still needed

Ways YOU can get involved

Pack a complete shoebox

As a family, Bible study class, individual or group of friends assemble one or more complete box(es). Don't forget to include a letter, photo, and/or drawing to make it personal. For additional ideas on packing a shoebox, search the Operation Christmas Child Pinterest page.

Loose Items for Packing Party

Preschool and children's departments will be hosting a box packing party on 11/5/17 during Sunday School to assemble as many complete boxes as we can with loose items donated. Please see list below of suggested loose items we are collecting. In addition to the items suggested, we are also collecting shoe box size plastic totes.

How much will it cost?

These boxes only cost $9.00 per box to bless a child somewhere in the world.

When do we need it?

All items and donations are due by Thursday, November 2.

Here is a list of items we need for the boxes:

What is the schedule?

Start Date: Now

Donations Due: November 2

Packing Party: November 5

Delivering to collection site: November 13

Where do I put the stuff I bring: Look for the labeled collection bins in the conference room and family life building.